Tucker Accounting Services LLC

Tucker Accounting Services LLC

We are a professional accounting and tax preparation service for businesses and individuals in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. Some of the areas we have specialized:
1. Assisting Small Business Owners in keeping their financial records up to date in QuickBooks - giving them their time back to run their business.
2. Providing business consultation services on business set-up
3. Providing sales tax and payroll tax filing services for businesses
4. Helping military members and other professionals with their tax returns after moving to Hampton Roads from another state. We have been proficient in handling returns with two or possibly three state tax returns as their move but their home of record stays the same. 
5. Likewise the reporting of rental income for military and veterans, and the investors in real estate looking for help with their returns.

CORONA VIRUS Update: We are taking all necessary precautions in the facility I have my office. I can control my interactions with others because I do have an office and my staff is myself. The staff at the office building is taking great precautions to limit outside visitors and keep all areas as clean as possible. During this time I can schedule visits to my office but will limit it to two or three visits a day.

I do have the capabilty for remote tax services as well. I recommend you contact me through my email (see below or in the contact area) and I will send you a secure web site link that you can load your documents on. I will download your information and prepare the returns - and if necessary make to send the return to you electronically after payment. 

Stay Alert to tax and accounting news by reviewing the client newsletter in the BLOG TAB.If you like the information in the newsletter, please subcribe below. Other areas of interest can be found in the tabs above.

The video below gives a snapshot of changes that may affect your tax situation in 2019.

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June 2020